Kyanidis Energy


The company KYANIDIS ENERGY offers Services to the Citizens, to the Municipality and also to the Energy Communities
Services to the citizen
  • Consulting services to save energy and improve energy efficiency for the home
  • Consulting services for the establishment and operation of an energy community. We support you in all steps to become the mentors of a new energy community
  • Possibility to participate in an energy community
  • Preliminary study of energy production scenarios from renewable sources. Ask for our pre-study before contacting an installer so you can have a better idea of ​​your options based on your capabilities
The services of KYANIDIS ENERGY in the Municipality.
  • Saving energy at home, at work and in Municipalities
  • Energy production and consumption within the Municipality
  • Consulting services for the establishment and operation of an energy community
  • Strengthening the institution of energy communities
  • Feasibility and viability studies of alternative energy production plans from renewable sources
KYANIDIS ENERGY’s services to the energy communities
  • Support for the establishment of an Energy Community by Engineers and Lawyers
  • Planning of the Energy Community's energy services by qualified Engineers
  • Energy Community operation support by Engineers and Legal
  • Researching grant/financing/loan possibilities and preparing corresponding files by the Community Energy River team
  • Feasibility and sustainability studies of energy investments by Engineers and Economists